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Andrey Kudryavtsev

Front-end developer from Moscow, Russia.

I build apps and websites using modern technologies, frameworks and libraries.

Learning web development since spring 2020.

Yandex Practicum student.

Check out my projects or contact me!

My skills

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript ES6

  • React

  • Node.js / Express.js

  • MongoDB

  • Git / GitHub

  • Rest API

  • Object-oriented Programming

  • Asynchronous Programming

  • BEM


  • WebPack

  • Command Line (Bash)

  • Bootstrap

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Figma

  • Pixel Perfect

  • Responsive Layouts

  • Semantic HTML

  • Cat Handling

My projects

  • Yandex Mesto

    (JavaScript, React, Node.js/Express, MongoDB)

    Yandex Mesto project
  • Random Quote Machine

    (HTML, SCSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, API)

    Random Quote Machine
  • CatLogic Calculator

    (React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS)

    CatLogic calculator
  • Pomodoro Timer

    (JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS)

    Pomodoro Timer
  • CatLogic Clock

    (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

    CatLogic clock
  • CatLogic Portfolio

    (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WebPack)

    CatLogic Portfolio

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